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KPROJECT: A Digital Legal Guideline to Women’s Matters


Women’s access to justice is one of the shortcomings of the justice systems around the world. As much as it is a women’s right, it is a basic human right. Yet women still face barriers to accessing justice and finding convenient solutions to their legal problems, which is often the result of economic, educational, legislative, institutional and societal failure to remove discrimination, gender bias, stereotyping, stigma, indifference as well as economic and educational disadvantages.

The KProjects Platform for social responsibility has initiated its 2021-2022 project on gender equality: “A Digital Legal Guideline to Women’s Matters” with the motivation to provide answers to all sorts of legal questions that a woman might have in order to help raise awareness and provide guidance on how to deal with legal state of affairs.

Initially catalyzed from the increasing numbers of violence against women in Turkey particularly surging with the pandemic, this project aims to cover challenges women face within the contexts of marriage, family, work, inheritance, health, domestic violence and other conflicts stemming from gender bias.

With great enthusiasm and conviction, KP Law professionals volunteer together to help strengthen women’s legal confidence and capability by sharing their knowledge and reaching out to as many women as possible.